Fans Petition Nintendo For a Satoru Iwata Amiibo

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More than 12,000 people have signed the petition requesting that Nintendo design an amiibo of Satoru Iwata.

Following the sudden passing of Nintendo’s beloved leader Satoru Iwata, many wasted no time to pay tribute through kind words and touching art. Now, one fan has launched a petition requesting that Nintendo honor Iwata-san in the form of amiibo. At the time of this posting, the petition has garnered more than 12,000 signatures.

The petition reads:

“”On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.” – Iwata-san

Satoru Iwata’s importance to modern gamers is more than words could ever describe. After helping to create some of Nintendo’s biggest fanchises such as Pokemon, Earthbound and Super Smash Bros., Mr. Iwata’s legacy influences and inspires anyone who has ever picked up a Wiimote or 3DS stylus.
Mr. Iwata’s business knowledge and work ethic as Nintendo’s CEO will always be remembered. Being responsible for Nintendo’s most profitable times and taking responsibility for Nintendo’s financially turbulent times, Mr. Iwata has made several tough decisions based on a simple tenet: “Is this Nintendo?”

These are just a few reasons why we should honor Satoru Iwata with his very own amiibo. Even if the amiibo itself lacks in-game functionality, it serves as a small reminder of Iwata’s legacy and accomplishments.

*Please note that this petition is not affiliated with Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, or the family or Satoru Iwata and will be respectfully taken down upon request by Nintendo or the family of Satoru Iwata*”

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