Three years in the making, a fan-film recreating the first Star Wars movie finally sees the light of day.

George Lucas may be retiring from making blockbuster films, but that doesn’t mean Star Wars fans will have to go without another re-edit of the sci-fi classic. Released this past Friday, one of the most ambitious fan-film projects, titled Star Wars Uncut, recreates the entirety of the original Star Wars film using dozens of fan-recreated scenes from the movie.

Started in 2009, the project allowed aspiring filmmakers to sign-up to cover specific 15-second chunks of the film, and be as creative as they liked in their remake. There’s tons of brilliant takes on famous scenes from the film, from the opening title credits being written on Twitter and an internet forum, to the Death Star and Alderaan singing War’s “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” before the planet’s untimely demise, and the final assault on the Death Star told with LEGOs, ASCII art, homemade CGI and paper cut animation.

There’s so many unique takes on the classic film’s scenes that it’s hard to pick a favorite, though I got a kick out of Han’s confrontation with Greedo in the Mos Eisley Bar recreated as a LucasArts’ adventure game around the 50 minute mark. Check out the film here, and tell us what your part is in the comments!

Source: CinemaBlend

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