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Fantasian Part 2 Is Almost Complete and Twice as Long as the First

Fantasian Part 2 Is Almost Complete and Twice as Long as the First

Developer Mistwalker’s Hironobu Sakaguchi has announced on Twitter that Fantasian part 2 is almost done, and he also elaborated to Famitsu that it will be twice as large as the game’s first half.

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Ahead of the release of part 2, Hironobu Sakaguchi has expressed his appreciation to his development and sound staff, the diorama makers, and composer Nobuo Uematsu for all their help on Fantasian, which uses more than 150 real-life handcrafted dioramas for its backgrounds. Sakaguchi and Uematsu have worked together on myriad projects over the years, including numerous Final Fantasy entries and the Xbox 360 exclusive, Lost Odyssey.

On Twitter, Sakaguchi also posted the Growth Map of one of the game’s characters, Cheryl. In her Growth Map at the bottom left, you can see that she learns a variety of different status skills, such as Cloud of Sleep, Poison Spores, and Dispel. She also can learn the passive skills Sleep Turns+ and Poison Turns+, which seemingly prolong the status effects that she inflicts. Additionally, at the very bottom of her Growth Map, she can learn debuffs too, including Absolute Zero & ATK DOWN as well as Absolute Zero & DEF Down.

Fantasian part 1 is currently available exclusively on Apple’s gaming subscription service, Apple Arcade. There has been no word on whether the game could eventually come to other platforms in the future.

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