Jordan Weisman, founder of FASA, has licensed the rights to MechWarrior, Shadowrun and Crimson Skies from Microsoft to his latest startup, Smith & Tinker.

Weisman is best known as the founder of both FASA, creator of the Battletech and Shadowrun RPGs, and FASA Interactive, which took over the development of the MechWarrior series from Activision and also created the Shadowrun and Crimson Skies videogames. His new venture is described in a Gamasutra report as “a venture-backed company that builds intellectual property across a wide spectrum of interactive products, weaving games, toys and publishing into immersive transmedia experiences.”

The company has not released any details about its intentions for the license. The announcement on the Smith & Tinker website reads, “Smith & Tinker is pleased to announce that it has licensed from Microsoft the electronic entertainment rights for Mr. Weisman’s previous creations of MechWarrior, Shadowrun, Crimson Skies and the other properties of the FASA catalog. We’re not quite ready to announce our plans for each property, but please be assured that our goal is to surprise and delight old fans, while welcoming new fans to these fantastic worlds.”

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