Hungry for Fat Princess? Don’t worry – you’ll be getting your fill of the PSN title when it releases late this month.

While we wait in suspense to see what Sony has in store for us tomorrow at its press conference, let’s take a moment to reflect on Sony’s E3 2008 presser. That Resistance 2 demo was mighty impressive back then, but what I remember having the strongest impression of after the conference was over was something else: Fat Princess.

It’s been about a year since Fat Princess managed to WTF us enough with its absurd premise and blatantly silly title to loom large in the future of PSN games. Since then we’ve gotten to take the game for a spin, been witness to the sight of dozens of PS3 owners devouring cake to get into the beta, and, soon enough, we’ll get to actually play the game in all its girth and glory when it’s released on PSN in “late June.”

Sony’s European PlayStation blog revealed the game’s release window, along with word of a Ghostbusters demo, new LittleBigPlanet costume packs and more for June. Presumably this would mean that the game will be out around the same time in the US, but you never really know. Some easily offended obese princess here in the States might start a petition against it and delay the release. Fatty fingers crossed this doesn’t happen.

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