A small number of Xbox One users have documented a grinding sound from the disc drive.

For small percentage of people at launch, buying a new piece of technology is frustrating. In a number of YouTube videos, Xbox One users who bought their systems at today’s launch are receiving a disc drive error. When inserting a disc, the drive makes a grinding noise. After a few moments, the system says it cannot read the disc.

So far the number of reported disc drive issues appears minimal. Only a handful of videos document it on YouTube and Vine so far. Xbox’s Support accounts on Twitter have begun to address the issues. There are many 1-star Amazon reviews of the Xbox One noting disc drive problems; however, make sure to take online storefront reviews with a grain of salt as anyone can write them.

This appears to be a problem with the hardware rather than a problem with the disc as inserting different discs yields the same result. Microsoft currently has a support page called “My disc won’t load on the Xbox One console.” The company’s first solution is to examine the disc and carefully wipe the disc from the inside to the outside with a soft cloth. If the problem persists with other discs, the console may need servicing. If you’re having problems with your Xbox One reading discs, and you’ve positioned the console vertically, place it horizontally and try again as the Xbox One was not designed for vertical standing.

A small number of cases of manufacturing problems are to be expected, unfortunately, and the PS4 had some problems the day it launched as well. If you’re having problems, contact Microsoft. Anyone with a faulty console will more than likely have a new one shipped to them.

Source: YouTube via Kotaku

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