A new internet game replicates the basic mechanics (and addictiveness) of Pokemon, and it does so for free.

The Pokémon titles are great fun, but not all of us have the ability to play them because we have jobs (or classes) which tend to make playing handheld videogames impossible to do. Or, you know, we don’t own any type of DS console. Now, though, people don’t need a Nintendo system to get in on the action, since a new free Web game called Favimon duplicates the fun of Pokémon battles for free.

Basically, the game features the same basic premise of the Pokémon titles, with users engaging in turn-based battles with creatures they find in the wild; if players win, they can add the creature to their army. Now, things are different in Favimon because the creatures are actually icons that appear on certain participating websites.

Visual artist/web designer Matthew Hollett created the game, which received the Most Original Game award in the Mozilla Labs Game On 2010 Competition. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can head over to the official website or read the FAQ to learn more. I spent a couple of minutes playing the game, and it’s pretty fun, so you’ll definitely want to check it out if you’re a Pokémon fan.

Source: Geek

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