Feast Your Eyes On the Glorious Scenery of Grand Theft Auto V


Up in the air and under the sea, we have ten new Grand Theft Auto V screens for you to see.

Grand Theft Auto screenshot extravaganzas are a tricky business. They’re always gorgeous, but what can you really say about them? They’re like another person’s vacation photos: Here’s somebody scuba diving, here’s somebody skydiving, here’s somebody chewing up the neighborhood with a minigun. Pretty, but empty.

I suppose, though, that we already know all we need to know about the next GTA game, and that these shots are simply meant to inform us (in case we’d forgotten) that the environments in V will be eye-burningly beautiful and ridiculously varied, and that if you want to take some time to explore the majesty of the undersea world, you can. And if you want to blow a helicopter out of the sky with Ol’ Painless, well, that’s okay too.

Grand Theft Auto V is currently scheduled to launch on September 17 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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