Feel the Sting of the Lego Ninjas!


We all know that Lego is versatile, but you might not have know its use as a weapon-building material.

Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Rock Band and Batman have all felt the touch of Lego and it’s been a pretty good mix each time, so it stands to reason that people would try other combinations. Mixing Lego and Fudge was delicious but impractical, and the seahorses still haven’t quite recovered, so thank Samus for Aaron Dayman, who showed us how it’s done by creating a veritable arsenal of Lego ninja weapons.

Created for the monthly building challenge on a Lego enthusiast website, Aaron’s collection includes throwing stars, nunchaka, and smoke bombs. Best of all, his Flickr page has an annotated version of the image with all the proper names for the weapons and a few tidbits of ninja trivia. It might not be the most practical collection of ninja weapons, but it’s the first that’s made me grin in delight.

Source: Brothers Brick

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