Feenix Aria Gaming Headset is $349, Smells of Rich Pine


Some new high-end gaming audio to drop your tax refund on.

Feenix Aria Headset

Feenix has officially taken the wraps off the Aria, its new gaming headset that promises to deliver “audiophile level sound quality,” in a package designed with PC gamers in mind.

The Aria, which is available for pre-order at $349, combines 50mm neodymium drivers with Japanese pine wood, memory foam, and leather. At first glance, the combination does offer the promise of luxury, at least in the materials, and Feenix is adamant that the drivers will offer “studio monitor sound performance.” The aforementioned pine can be found inside the acoustic chamber, too, making for a fully wood-wrapped headset — something you don’t see in a gaming solution very often, if at all.

Feenix sounds committed to delivering a headset that doesn’t rely on heavy bass to cover up mediocre sound quality, and the Aria will deliver stereo, Dolby ProLogic, and simulated surround sound through those drivers.

Along with promised stellar audio, the Aria will ships with a clip-style cardioid microphone, and two adapters for its 3.5mm connector — 6.3mm (for that HiFi system you picked up from Buck Swope), and USB.

And if you decide to drop $350 on this wood and leather boombox for your noggin? Feenix will assign you a personal account manager to handle any speed bumps, as well as free lifetime support.

There’s no word on a release date yet, but the $349 price is firm, and the headset will only be available through

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