Fez 2 Teaser Reveals Sequel In Development


A sequel to the hit platformer Fez has been announced – but just barely.

The stylish 2D platformer Fez was a pretty big hit as indie games go, and so it’s not all that terribly surprising that a sequel is on the way. The announcement itself, on the other hand, came as a complete surprise; creator Phil Fish let the news slip with a tweet containing nothing more than a single world – “ANNOUNCEMENT” – and a link to a teaser video that wasn’t a whole lot more informative, with just a bit of music and a Fez II logo. A follow-up tweet described the project as “a new collaboration between Polytron and Disasterpiece.”

Fish earned himself no small amount of notoriety in early 2012 when he told a crowd at GDC that modern Japanese videogames “suck” and then later tweeted, “im sorry japanese guy! i was a bit rough, but your country’s games are fucking terrible nowadays.” Fez itself, however, is a gem; “an experience that strikes a remarkable balance between being openly accessible and pleasingly obtuse,” as Susan Arendt put it in her Escapist review. That a sequel is coming is very good news indeed.

Source: Polytron

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