Fez Not Hanging Up Hat, Coming to Xbox Live in 2011


Fez may have been delayed a year from original release projections, but a new gameplay trailer proves it still has life.

Phil Fish and the Polytron Corporation’s Fez was once expected to come out in 2010 on Xbox Live Arcade, but development has taken longer than expected and it was pushed to 2011. For those that think the unique platformer was never going to make it out alive, don’t, because a new gameplay trailer has just been released.

But as for a concrete release date, it still isn’t available. Take heart in the fact that Fez keeps on looking better and better and should provide a new platforming experience next year.

Fez is best described as a 2D game that’s really 3D, but only played in 2D. If that explanation was confusing, watch the trailer. Players move along a 2D plane, but can rotate the environment to completely change obstacles they’re facing or to discover hidden objects.

For example, if main character Gomez is facing a jump he won’t be able to bound across, you can rotate the environment and watch it disappear to continue on your way. It’s an interesting mechanic, aligning Fez with other popular Xbox Live Arcade independent titles like Braid.

I don’t know exactly what’s going on in the trailer here, but it involves opening up treasure chests which is one of my favorite activities. I know it uses graphics of a retro nature, but damn, it has a gorgeous style too. Polytron says that the game has been in the works since 1996 in some form, and hopes to release Fez before its 16th development anniversary.

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