Fight Hidden Monsters With These Secret Undertale Encounter Locations

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Even if you’ve earned the True Pacifist ending in Undertale, there are still challenges to face. See where to find two optional mini-bosses and three unique ‘Hard Mode’ enemies with our tips and locations.

Thanks to a flurry of Kickstarter backers, Undertale features a few additional monsters to encounter on your travels through the underground. These battles are completely optional and pretty tricky to find on your own. One requires a very specific computer-clock timeframe, while another is found only if you wander long enough in an out-of-the-way spot. Unlocking ‘Hard Mode’ is a whole other extra entirely. See what it takes and where to go with the info below.

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Hidden Monster Encounters

Follow these instructions to fight optional mini-boss monsters.


The first Kickstarter bonus monster is Glyde. This creature is found in the locked Mystery Door location.

Travel west from Snowdin Village to the Forest and take the first path south down to a cliff-side with strange eyes in the rock walls. Move left and enter the cave to reach a dark chamber with a locked door and four glowing mushrooms.

Walk around in this room for four minutes to spawn Glyde. The more EXP you’ve gained, the longer it will take for Glyde to appear.

You must encounter Glyde before initiating the boss fight against Papyrus. That boss battle occurs while taking the path out of Snowdin Village.

So Sorry

This creature has his own hidden room in Hotland. The secret Art Club Room is found at the T-junction next to the Right Floor 2 elevator, left from Sans’ booth. Walk up at the center of the ‘T’ crossroads to find the hidden room.

To encounter this monster, you must reach the MTT Resort then backtrack to the Art Club Room.

Enter the Art Club Room while your computer clock is set to October 10th, 8 PM — it must be at this time exactly when you read the sign inside the Art Club Room to spawn So Sorry.

Hard Mode Monsters

New monsters will appear in the Ruins area if you activate a hidden ‘Hard Mode’ in Undertale.

  • To activate ‘Hard Mode’, start a New Game and name your character Frisk.

There are three unique random encounters that appear; Migospel, Moldessa, and Parsnick. Hard Mode only lasts until the end of the Ruins, so there’s nothing else to experience beyond this starting area.

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