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If you’re a true fan, deep down in the sub-cockles of your heart (below the cockles-slightly to the left of the anticockles), you truly believe that the lives of everyone around you would be immeasurably enriched if they could only see the light and get on board the awesome train of awesomeness that makes up your specific fandom. This leaves those around you with the general impression that their lives would indeed be enriched, but only if you would shut the hell up.

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My Little Pony gets a bad fandom wrap because it has a passionate, vocal and most importantly, excitable fan base. This is unfair. You don’t see Gawker making fun of fans of electronic music, even though fans of obscure Scottish bands who haven’t put out albums six years are almost certainly more insufferable to the general populace than fans of My Little Pony.

Case in point? Myself. My favourite band in the entire world is Boards of Canada. I’ve hunted down almost every scrap of music the band has ever made, even stuff I’m not supposed to have. The problem is, that as strongly as I feel about the band, I’ve got many friends who think they’re awful. My best friend Lindsey has excellent taste in music and she hates Boards of Canada. Here is a typical exchange:

Kathleen: OH MY GOODNESS! This alternate live version of Aquarius from the Live @ Warp 10 set is amazing! Listen to the tone of the sound!

Lindsey: This song sounds like it was buried in peat for 20 years.

Kathleen: That’s kind of the point.

Lindsey: It’s seven minutes long and the only lyrics in the fist three minutes are creepy samples of different people saying the word “orange.”

Kathleen: Yes?


See? That’s way worse than someone telling you to watch a children’s cartoon with good animation and solid writing.

So, while Matt may be the only Brony in the LRR crew, it’s not because everyone else has some sort of anti-pony agenda we’re trying to stick to, its just that for the most part we don’t have time to watch the show.*

With that out of the way and myself hopefully thoroughly embarrassed, here’s some neat trivia about this episode:
The episode was filmed in one quite long day last Saturday. After shooting wrapped we were all so bagged we cancelled our plans and I personally went to bed at 10:30PM.

Ray (who filmed the Loading Time video) had to be called in to help out with the last shot because almost everyone needed to be on camera at the same time.

In order to fix the hot spots on the whiteboard we detached one of our shooting lights from its stand and placed it on the floor in front of the white board with the idea of flooding the area with light to mask them. It didn’t work at all, but you can just see the light peeking up from behind the end of the table in the finished video.

To boom the bathroom shot I had to stand on the toilet because the room was so small.

Thanks for reading, see you all next week for more behind the scenes goodness.

*Also, I don’t think any of us want to give Matt bragging rights.

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