If you’ve been dreaming that Square-Enix would remake Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI for the DS (as it did to Final Fantasy IV), you might have to just keep on dreaming. Then again, you might not.

Square-Enix’s full-3D remake of beloved SNES JRPG Final Fantasy IV (also known as Final Fantasy II) led some to speculate that the publisher would be working on remaking its successors, Final Fantasy V and the much-beloved Final Fantasy VI. It made sense – if you remade one, you’re probably thinking about remaking the others, right?

As it turns out, the answer could be both “yes” and “no.” Yesterday, Square-Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto updated the Square-Enix Members’ Twitter account in response to several questions from fans of the studio’s games. Previously, Hashimoto had said that non-iMode releases of the publisher’s Ever Heart Odyssey and a downloadable release of the SNES title Seiken Densetsu 3 were both “undecided.” When asked about the possibility of FFV and FFVI for DS, though, he responded:

“For FF5 and 6, there are technical issues as well, so at present these are also undecided.”

Undecided, yes – but the fact that Square-Enix is aware that there are technical issues means that the company has at least thought about remaking those games long enough to run into problems.

I’m just personally confused on what technical problems there could be that weren’t there in remaking Final Fantasy IV. Are FF5 and FF6 really all that different from the first SNES Final Fantasy? What, is all the Mode 7 too much for the DS to handle?

(Via Andriasang)

(Image: FF Wiki)

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