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Check Out This Awesome Final Fantasy VI Tactics Fan Mod in Development

Final Fantasy VI Tactics mod FF6 FFVI 6 FFT ArmoredKori Connor & Chelsea Dunn

Depending upon whom you ask, Final Fantasy VI is the greatest game in its franchise. (The person you’re asking is me. And I’m right. End of story.) And anyone with taste will agree that Final Fantasy Tactics is a spectacular strategy RPG spinoff game. So why not just mush the two together and see what happens? YouTube channel Connor & Chelsea Dunn apparently had this exact idea, because it is working to mod Final Fantasy VI into Final Fantasy Tactics, complete with FFVI music playing in the style of FFT. (Thanks to RPGFan for spotting this.)

At present, there are two example videos, one from April 2023 and a second from earlier this month. Each one is totally rad, with familiar characters like Terra, Locke, Edgar, and Sabin in familiar scenarios from FFVI, but now depicted in an isometric environment. The mod is remixing some mechanics of FFT by making certain items and basic magic innate to characters, while other abilities will still be learned by spending JP (Job Points). The videos note that many of the sprites on display were not created by this channel, and a lot of the map design has been done by an individual named ArmoredKori. Full credits for whose work is being used here is expected to be added later.

How much content is planned for this Final Fantasy VI Tactics mod is unclear, but it’s just cool to see such a thing running in a convincing manner in the first place. More Final Fantasy VI is always a good thing, and surely an official Final Fantasy Tactics remaster has to release sooner or later…

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