Final Fantasy VII Victory Fanfare Receives Epic Acapella Edition


YouTube musician Smooth McGroove has produced a new vocal rendition of Final Fantasy VII‘s Victory Fanfare.

Unless they’re in the form of nifty little 3D sculptures, the graphics in Final Fantasy VII have aged kind of poorly. That being the case, the game’s music is still rocking, featuring one of my favorite franchise battle themes as well as one of the best renditions of the Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare that there is. There isn’t really a bad version, mind you, but I’ve always just found the VII iteration to be particularly peppy in a way the others aren’t.

That in mind, YouTube poster and one man acapella group Smooth McGroove has recently released a new vocal rendition of VII‘s Victory Fanfare that you’d do well to take a peek at. Seriously, even if you’re not a hardcore Final Fantasy fan, his version is a pure delight. Moreover, if you’re new to Smooth McGroove’s work, it serves as convenient excuse to check out the rest of his videogame covers which include renditions of the aforementioned Final Fantasy VII Battle Theme as well as Castlevania‘s iconic Vampire Killer, among others. If nothing else you should watch this just to lend your support to a man with the courage to sport such an epic beard.

Source: YouTube

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