Final Fantasy VII‘s Midgar Reborn in Epic Minecraft Build


A team of five builders spent two years rebuilding Final Fantasy VII‘s in Minecraft.

Generally speaking, my favorite parts of Final Fantasy VII were always the ones that took place in Midgar. Don’t get me wrong, the rest of the game is obviously filled to the brim with memorable moments and locales. That said, Midgar and the earlier sections of the game were the ones I found most fresh and interesting.

You can perhaps understand then why I find a recently completed Minecraft recreation of the famous city to be so danged awesome. Built by a team of five experienced Minecraft players, it took a whopping two years to complete and contains a total of 6,642 Minecraft chunks spread out over a 1290×1290 map that includes a smorgasbord of locations drawn from Final Fantasy VII and its spin-offs. Among these are the Sector 1 Mako Reactor, Shin-Ra Headquarters, the city’s various slum sectors and the SOLDIER offices from the PSP game Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. The team also built in a working transit system to help make the map easier to navigate.

As impressive as all that is on its own, the real kicker is probably the fact the team built most of the map by hand, one brick at a time. “More then 85% of this build WAS indeed hand placed,” said co-builder Killerx20. “The only things that were not are the outer plates, tower, and reactors BUT that doesn’t mean they were completed when imported, they were basically detail-less empty shells and I wanted it that way so everything on/inside them had to be hand placed for optimal detail.” The team also made a point of making sure every building on the map had a visit-able interior in addition to their exterior.

This all adds up to what has to be one of the most epic fan tributes to Final Fantasy VII in recent memory. What do you think about the team’s work? Do the end results speak to the time and dedication they put into it? Are there things you think they could have done better? Take a look, download it if you please, and let us know what you think.

Source: Minecraft Forum

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