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If you ever hope to see that Final Fantasy VII remake we’ve been waiting a decade-plus for, you should probably set some money aside for the upcoming Final Fantasy X redux.

In what may be the most obvious yet somehow still compelling news to emerge from E3, Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase has coyly suggested that the company could be convinced to remake an as-yet-unknown number of its other Final Fantasy titles if the imminent Final Fantasy X remake is a financial success.

Kitase, who served as producer on Final Fantasy X and the more recent Final Fantasy XIII, was recently interviewed by (the refreshingly aptly named) RPG Site, who asked if we might see other titles remade in high-definition beyond Final Fantasy X. “We’ll have to wait and see if these remasters are going to be successful, first,” Kitase claimed.

“If they do well, I think this will pave the way for more of the previous games to remade in an HD sort of quality.”

RPG Site then asked what game might be next on the list of potential remakes, and Kitase had an answer almost immediately. “I mean, if we HAD to single out one of the vast number of Final Fantasy titles which we could make in HD, it would have to be Final Fantasy XII,” he replied.

“I was not involved in the project, though, so we can’t really comment on that. What I can say though is that I hope the remastering of X and X-2 will trigger similar projects for more of the past games.”

As much as the majority of gamers were probably hoping Kitase might say Final Fantasy VII, if one had choose another entry in the series to receive the HD treatment, it would be Final Fantasy XII. Objectively speaking, it’s simply one of the best Final Fantasy titles. Of course, we do get the feeling that Kitase’s comments are more “gladhanding the public” than anything else, but it’s sunny outside, so in the spirit of unrealistic optimism let’s all go buy that Final Fantasy X HD remake.

Well, whenever it actually arrives, that is. It still lacks a release date (or even a window of any kind), but we’ll let you know just as soon as Square Enix firms up its plans for this ethereal title.

Source: RPG Site

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