The first trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2 is now available in English, not that it becomes any less cryptic.

For Final Fantasy fans, the announcement of Final Fantasy XIII-2 couldn’t have been much of a surprise. Square Enix spent a lot of time working on Final Fantasy XIII, and probably wanted to get at least one more game out of the resulting product.

Now that Final Fantasy XIII-2‘s first trailer is officially available in English, we get a little more explanation about what it’ll be about from the main woman herself. Lightning is shown turning from crystal to human in the events that occur right after Final Fantasy XIII. “That time was lost, but time continued onwards,” she says.

Lightning then tells “divine Etro,” referring to the Goddess Etro, to “sleep in peace,” and says she will stand guard over her. In the realm “beyond time,” Lightning reveals that her “life begins anew.”

The scene changes to a newly armored Lightning kneeling in front of what might be Etro’s resting place, shaking the feathers out of her sword. Lightning’s rival stands behind her, whom is perhaps one of the enemies she must protect Etro from. I don’t understand why the rivals in Final Fantasy always have cooler looking swords than the main characters.

I was one of the people that had a tough time adjusting to Final Fantasy XIII, but I’m still willing to give Final Fantasy XIII-2 a shot. If Square Enix follows the formula of Final Fantasy X-2, which swapped in a bunch of new gameplay mechanics, it could make for a title that certain gamers enjoy more than the original.

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