Final Fantasy XIII‘s TGS Trailer, Now In English


Did you like the ridiculously pretty Final Fantasy XIII trailer from the Tokyo Game Show ’09 that showed off the game’s characters (and secret Transformers)? Now you can actually understand what everybody’s saying!

The downside to the trailer we caught a glimpse of last week was that it was entirely in Japanese. So as much as we could admire the shiny graphics, ooh-and-awe at the cool-looking battle sequences, and tolerate the J-Pop love song in the background, there wasn’t really much plot information to be gleaned from the seven-minute-long video.

Now, though, it’s in English. So we can actually understand what’s going on. Unfortunately, I almost wish that I didn’t. Some of the voices seem well done – Funny Afro man Sazh is particularly likable – but a lot of the others just can’t carry the over-the-top melodrama that the Final Fantasy series is known for. To me, it feels a bit forced, and doesn’t resonate emotionally with me so much as it makes me feel a bit awkward listening to it.

Maybe it’s just me. But I get the feeling that by the time I actually play the game, I’ll be sick of the Nomura art style and the word “l’Cie” within the first half an hour. Anyone else feel the same way, or is this just a “me” problem?

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