Find All 32 Golden Goat Trophies in GoatZ With These Locations

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Go hunting for gold trophies with our locations guide, with step-by-step instructions explaining where to find all 32 shiny collectibles in Goat Simulator’s zombie DLC GoatZ.

Before starting another outbreak of the undead, your zombified goat can ragdoll and roll across the new city map in search of gold trophies. Finding these trophies unlocks new characters including the Spitter Goat and Fireman Goat. It might be the premise of the game, but don’t go stumbling around aimlessly — get all the exact locations for these bonus trophies with our text descriptions.

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Goat Trophies Locations Guide

There are 32 Goat Trophies available in both GoatZ maps.

Use the Anti-Gravity Goat mutator on the Before Outbreak map to make collecting trophies easier.

How to Find Every Goat Trophy

  • Trophy #1: From the open grave spawn point, swivel right and hop down to the outer wall corner.
  • Trophy #2: In the cemetery, hop onto the church rooftop.
  • Trophy #3: Leave the cemetery and follow the right forking path up the mountain. Cross the bridge and look underneath the wooden ramp leading to the tower.
  • Trophy #4: At the bridge over the waterfall canyon, look down to spot t-junction wood planks. Jump down carefully to reach it.
  • Trophy #5: From the previous collectible, look out toward the sea. Dive into the water and swim right. There’s a small secluded beach with a wrecked car. The trophy is on the sand nearby.
  • Trophy #6: In the studios above the previous collectible location, find the blue half-pipe and slide up the ramp to jump into the metal cage’s missing bottom.
  • Trophy #7: Enter Studio 2 and jump onto the lighting fixture platform above the make-up stations.
  • Trophy #8: Climb onto the three-high stacked shipping containers to the left of Studio 2 entrance.
  • Trophy #9: Outside the studios, there’s a two-sided billboard. Drop into the space between the two ads.
  • Trophy #10: Past the billboard is a farm with a crashed UFO in the backyard field. Look in the tall grass to collect the trophy.
  • Trophy #11: Enter the animal pen barn section of the farm. Behind the low fence walls is another easy-to-spot trophy.
  • Trophy #12: Out front of the pens is another fence wall with a small covered structure where a single goat is eating at pile of hay. Ragdoll past the hay to find a trophy hidden in the back corner.
  • Trophy #13: Go to the circular well where a group of protesters have congregated. Jump onto the wood scaffolding holding the bucket in the center.
  • Trophy #14: Fall into the nightmare well to transport to a strange island village. There’s a massive skull statue in the center of the town. Enter the upper hut to the right of the statue.
  • Trophy #15: Take the path down from the cemetery and look right for a canyon path. Search the area behind the RV.
  • Trophy #16: Continue toward town. Around the pond to the right (left of the front entrance) of the large brick mall is a small cave entrance. Swim inside to collect the trophy.
  • Trophy #17: Explore the mall’s second floor men’s bathroom. The trophy is in one of the stalls.
  • Trophy #18: Look behind the counter of the flooded Supermarket in the first floor of the mall.
  • Trophy #19: Climb to the mall rooftop. There’s a sign reading “No Help Needed” with a bodyguard. To the left of the bodyguard are two barrels hiding a trophy in the corner.
  • Trophy #20: From the cemetery, take the right path up the mountain to the giant radio tower. Climb the ladder up and look on one of the upper masts to the left before reaching the very top.
  • Trophy #21: Check out the cliffs to the right of the circus big top. There’s a red-lit cave with masked people sitting in a circle.
  • Trophy #22: Behind the big top are four plaid-wearing humans around a crate containing another trophy.
  • Trophy #23: At the massive “Whiplash” sign, search the narrow alcove behind the big red title between the two gray arches.
  • Trophy #24: Jump ontop of the taller “Whiplash” sign with the two circles.
  • Trophy #25: In the “Whiplash” course, look on one of the red spinning plus sign obstacles. It’s located in the back corner.
  • Trophy #26: Around the back of the skyscraper hotel is a series of corrugated metal awnings your goat can use to jump to the roof. About halfway up, there’s a trophy one level below another mattress.
  • Trophy #27: Look on top of the strange mad science device on the roof of the yellow and black Golden Tower skyscraper.
  • Trophy #28: Fall down to the large shiny sign built into the front of the yellow/black skyscraper. Look on the right corner of the Golden Tower sign.
  • Trophy #29: Go to the green short building out front of the Golden Tower, to the right. Swivel around to the back where a single NPC has a table on a balcony.
  • Trophy #30: Take the path to the left of the Helvete tunnel. Up the hill is a blue Parking sign marking a gold trophy.
  • Trophy #31: To the left of the Golden Tower is a boardwalk ramp leading down to the beach. Find the ramp between the two skyscrapers. The trophy is underneath it.
  • Trophy #32: Along the left side of the Golden Tower is a small corrugated metal shack built with physics objects. Lick a wall to tear it apart and reveal the last trophy.

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