Wondering how you can find all the hidden intel in Modern Warfare 3? As usual, the internet has you covered.

The game hasn’t even been on store shelves for a full 24 hours, but far be it from me to bar you people from the fleeting joys of having the location of all 46 of the game’s hidden extras spoiled for you. Thus, I present this video which documents every single intel location in detail.

It should go without saying that this clip is just chock full of spoilers, but I’m a lazy jerk who didn’t think to mention that above. Sorry.

That said, this clip can also be seen as documentation of just how pretty Modern Warfare 3 is when played by the common man (or woman). You don’t really get the full aesthetic appeal of the game from official screenshots. Sure, Activision’s PR-sponsored imagery looks good, but it doesn’t tell the real story of the game.

This footage on the other hand, shows the game as it truly is. Bump-mapped warts and all.

So for those of you who just spent 14 minutes ruining the game’s hidden secrets, what do you think? Is Modern Warfare 3 a “pretty game” or the “prettiest game?”

And those of you who didn’t watch the clip? Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. Since you’re all saving yourself from spoilers, let’s discuss something unrelated. Did you guys hear about that saber-toothed squirrel they discovered last week? Pretty rad, right?

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