Find Every Easter Egg & Secret in Gone Home: Console Edition With These Tips

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There’s more than just the story to experience in Gone Home: Console Edition. Hidden away in the old house you’ll find secret codes, hidden pathways, and strange Easter eggs, along with several challenge-oriented achievements. We’ll show you how to unlock them all.

Don’t be confused — definitely play Gone Home for the experience, but if you’ve finished exploring and want to finish up everything that’s left-over, we’ve got all the tips you’ll need to get the rest of the game done with. Just scroll down to the relevant achievements / trophies to get started.

If you’re missing out on collectibles, we’ve got a few of those too; check out the Gone Home collectibles guide or the full commentary node locations list for every bit of extra audio.

Secrets & Easter Eggs

This Old House – Achievement / Trophy Guide

To unlock this trophy / achievement, you’ll need to open the secret bookshelf path from the exterior.

  • The guest room is down the hall from the attic entrance on the second floor. Currently, there is an unmade bed and a lot of boxes inside.
  • To open the bookcase from the guest room, enter the guest room closet and look through the closet door to the ceiling on the upper-right. There’s a hidden button up there!

Press that button to unlock the path and take one step closer to 100% completion.

Nesting Instinct – Achievement / Trophy Guide

This trophy, like the Easter egg below, is all about bringing an item to it’s rightful spot. In this instance, that’s the Christmas Duck.

  • The Christmas Duck is located in the Front Porch cabinet. You’re very likely to find this toy on your first playthrough, it’s blocking the front door key.
  • Take the Christmas Duck up to the attic. At the top of the attic steps, right at the entrance, turn around to find a wicker nest to place the duck inside.

Put the duck in the attic nest to earn this achievement / trophy.

Meow Meow Meow – Achievement / Trophy Guide

The one and only major Easter egg in Gone Home is located in the first floor garage. Follow these steps to get a pretty cat-tastic reward.

  • Enter the garage through the kitchen and search the area for a blue recycling bin. Grab one of the cans inside, then return to the garage doorway.
  • Standing in the door, look up at the rafters. There’s a purple basketball toy stuck in the ceiling. Throw your can into the ball to knock it loose!
  • Grab the basketball and take it up to Sam’s bedroom on the second floor. Close the door and turn around — there’s a tiny basketball hoop hanging off the door frame.
  • You know what to do. Toss the ball into the hoop to get the Easter egg.

The lights will dim while cat pictures cascade over the television screen. The ghost of cats since past still inhabits the spooky house in Gone Home after all.

Intuitive – Achievement / Trophy Guide

This achievement / trophy is all about replaying the game. You’ll need to put in the combination to Oscar’s safe before finding the code in a journal entry or note.

  • The safe is located in a hall connected to the Old Servant’s Quarters in the basement.
  • The code to the safe is: 1963

That’s all it takes! Just one more major step toward completion now.

Wet Bandit – Achievement / Trophy Guide

A Home Alone reference in Gone Home! The two thief antagonists of that film were locally referred to as the ‘Wet Bandits’ because they left the faucets on at all the homes they broke into.

Now you can follow in their footsteps by turning on every sink. Here are the full list of sink locations.

  • Sink #1: 1F Front Hall Bathroom
  • Sink #2: 1F Right Hall Bathroom Near Kitchen
  • Sink #3: 1F Right Hall Laundry Room
  • Sink #4: 2F Mom & Dad’s Master Bath – Sink #1
  • Sink #5: 2F Mom & Dad’s Master Bath – Sink #2
  • Sink #6: 2F Mom & Dad’s Master Bath – Bathtub
  • Sink #7: 2F Bathroom Near Sam’s Room – Sink
  • Sink #8: 2F Bathroom Near Sam’s Room – Bathtub

Now that you’ve emulated cinema’s premier duo of bumbling crooks, it’s time to complete the final challenge.

Homerunner – Achievement / Trophy Guide

To earn this achievement / trophy, you’ll need to complete all of Gone Home in less than one minute. This might take some practice, but we’ll go over exactly what you’ll need to do with the instructions below.

Note: No modifiers enabled — timer begins once you’re in control.

  • 1. Open the cabinet to the left of on the porch and get the front door key under Christmas Duck. Open the door and enter the house.
  • 2. Enter the secret room to the right of the stairs. It is between the shelves and the steps. Take the attic key located inside.
  • 3. Go upstairs to the hall with red lights past Mom and Dad’s room and pull down the attic stairs.
  • 4. Enter the attic and follow the linear path to the table with the notebook at the end. Look at it to complete your journey.

Don’t forget to ignore the lights and keep barreling forward. If you can accomplish all that in less than 60 seconds, you’ll unlock the trophy / achievement. Good luck!

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