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Discover every unlockable cheat in LEGO Jurassic World with the Red Brick Locator. Learn where to get this valuable bonus right here.

TT Games are all about the collectibles, and if you’re going to hunt down every minikit, amber brick, or gold brick, it helps to start with the powerful red bricks. The unlockable cheats provide stud multipliers, locators of every kind, and plenty of other useful powers. Keep scrolling to start the quest for red bricks with our guide below.

Certain red brick bonuses can be unlocked right away — if you know the correct code. Find every LEGO Jurassic World Cheat Code with our list, providing tons of playable minifigures, power-ups and vehicles.

How to Find the Red Brick Locator [Unlockable Cheat]

To unlock Red Brick cheats, travel to the Visitor Center on Isla Nublar or the Innovation Center on Isla Sorna. Use the Holoscope Terminal and purchase the cheats associated with the Red Bricks you’ve discovered.

There’s one particular Red Brick cheat that makes unlocking every other bonus much easier. The Red Brick Locator makes finding every other unlockable Red Brick cheat a breeze.

Red Brick Locator Cheat – Location Guide:

LEGO Jurassic World Red Brick Map

Travel to the location marked with a hexagon on the map.

  • 1. In the enclosure with Juanito trapped in a larger Amber pile, travel to the large dinosaur pad and summon a T. Rex or the Indominus Rex.
  • 2. Take the large dinosaur to the wrecked cage nearby. Bite down on the scaffolding with [Square / X] to break the rubble.
  • 3. Once the way is clear, you’ll be able to enter the cage and collect the red brick. This red brick unlocks the “Red Brick Locator” cheat which, when activated, makes it much easier to find the other Red Bricks on Isla Sorna or Isla Nublar.

Remember, to purchase Red Brick cheats, travel to the Visitor Center or the Innovation Center and access the Holoscope Terminal. Red Brick cheats are then purchased for Studs and then activated in the “Extras” menu.

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