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Uncover all three hidden squirrels in the Fire in the Deep DLC for Trials Fusion with our guide explaining how it’s done.

Completing the new Trials Fusion add-on tracks is hard enough, but trying to locate the new trio of secret squirrels is on a whole different difficulty level. It takes a legendary rider to find these well-hidden collectibles, even if you know exactly what to do.

Not one to back away from a challenge, the Trials community came together and solved the mystery. To make life easier on prospective completionists, the list below pulls together the collective outpouring of knowledge straight from those riders crazy enough to comb each additional track. If you’re eager to see everything there is to see in Fire in the Deep, including a lengthy first-person Easter egg, the squirrels are worth checking out.

Finding all them nets the Infernal Squirrels achievement and trophy, including all the bragging rights contained therein. See what to do and where to go in each track with the instructions right here.

Squirrel Locations Guide

Work-In-Progress: There are three secret Squirrel collectibles hidden in the Fire in the Deep DLC. Check back later for updates.

Squirrel Location #1:

  • Track: Bottom Dweller
Trials Fusion Squirrel Locations Bottom Dweller
  • Location:

    Right before reaching the fifth checkpoint, look for a pipe with a red valve attached to the ceiling.

    Bail out before driving past the valve and hold the bail out button to grab hold of it. While hanging off the valve, move right to turn the valve until it activates a sprinkler system. The water puts out a fire further ahead on the track.

    At the ninth checkpoint, just after driving up the fallen rail car, you’ll reach a pit labeled with a Squirrel sign. Previously the fire made this area completely unreachable.

    Roll down into the pit and back-up at the bottom toward a plunger. Push down on the thumbsticks to activate the plunger, causing an explosion to blow a new opening in the cave wall ahead. Drive through the fresh exit to collect the first squirrel.

Squirrel Location #2:

  • Track: Deeper Underground
Trials Fusion Squirrel Locations Deeper Underground
  • Location:

    To reach this squirrel, you’ll need to enter the First Person challenge. Look for a “No Bikes” sign and bail out between the markers to enter this challenge.

    Keep things simple and follow this basic path; drop onto the concrete slabs, walks up the ramps, drop down and enter the tunnel. Immediately walk into the bushes, turn right at the top, walk through the wreckage, push past the two barrels, enter the vent, follow the red pointer and turn left at the metal gate.

    Stop at the large room with the stairs to the left, scaffolding overhead, and a hallway filled with locked doors. Take note of this area, then turn left into the scaffolds, use the steps and cross the beams. Enter the tunnel with the road cones blocking off the drop into the teleporter cave.

    Trials Fusion Squirrel Locations Deeper Underground FPS Maze

    Instead of walking toward the bush and dropping down, turn right and approach the closed gate.

    Stand close to the gate and it will open. Follow this path in a circle back to the stair/scaffolding room mentioned above. Instead of taking the stairs up, continue into the hallway across the chamber.

    Walk to the back-left door, then turn away so you aren’t looking at it. Step over to the middle-right door, stand still for several seconds, then finally turn around.

    The back-left door should now open. Enter the room, walk into the dead end corner and the wall will lift up. Explore deeper into the vent to finally get the second squirrel.

Squirrel Location #3:

  • Track: Iron Incendiary
Trials Fusion Squirrel Locations Iron Incendiary
  • Location:

    Continue through the track until you’re at the tiered ramps with lava flowing just beneath a grating at the 10th/11th checkpoint. There are holes in the grating where the stream of magma is exposed, making the upward climb more difficult.

    Drive up to the halfway checkpoint with a valve on a red pipe in the background. Continue up to the steep red pipes at the top of the ramp, then bail out and try to leap up and backwards where there’s a hanging chain. Grab it by holding the bail button and the machine will initiate a cutscene, unlocking the last squirrel.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Infernal Squirrels (50 points / Bronze):
    Find all 3 squirrels on Fire in the Deep.

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