Find the New Black Ops 3: Zombies Song Easter Egg in Der Eisendrache

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Secret songs are back in Black Ops 3: Zombies with the “Dead Again” single hidden away in Der Eisendrache. All you have to do is find three teddy bear collectibles to listen to the full song. We’ll provide the locations details.

Secret songs, like the multi-stage Easter egg objectives in Zombies maps, are a long established tradition for any of the Treyarch-developed Call of Duty games. While other developers have included hidden tracks in their survival maps, it will always be the original creators that bring their best to these hidden music tracks. If you’re new to these singing Easter eggs, know that they always require three collectibles – three collectibles that do not appear to be collectibles – and interacting with all three leads to a vocal track replacing the ambient music in the map. There’s a little more to it than that, so keep scrolling for all the tips, locations, and explanations.

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Der Eisendrache – Secret Song Easter Egg

To activate the secret song “Dead Drop,” find three teddy bears on the map. Interact with the Teddy Bear just like any other interactive door, intel, or vending machine. A prompt will not appear when you get close to a teddy bear, but successfully interacting with a bear is confirmed by a distinctive sound effect.

  • Teddy Location #1: The first Teddy Bear is near the spawn point, across from the Juggernug machine, in a dark cell with a flickering light. Activate the Power to open the doors or open the locked path from the Undercroft to the spawn area to access this room. The teddy is found propped up on a crate in the dark corner.
  • Teddy Location #2: Near the Power switch area, there’s a passage that leads into Samantha’s room. Remove the debris and enter the posh bedroom. There’s a fancy chair opposite the bed with the teddy bear in the sear.
  • Teddy Location #3: Travel to the Rocket Test Fire area through a teleporter or by launching from the Rocket Pad area in the main castle. In this location, there’s a snowy truck with the teddy bear propped up on the passenger-side window. Look through the side door’s glass to spot this tricky bear.

Interact with all three Teddy Bears and the song “Dead Drop” will play over the rest of the round.

“Dead Drop” performed by Elena Siegman and Kevin Sherwood is not their first song in a Call of Duty game. The Treyarch Music Department, along with Elena Siegman and Kevin Sherwood also wrote original music for the secret song in Nacht Der Untoten, a Black Ops 1 zombies map with it’s own secret song — “Lullaby of a Dead Man.”

Since “Lullaby of a Dead Man,” Elena Siegman and Kevin Sherwood produced plenty of extra secret songs rather than license music. That makes these particular Easter eggs just a little more special.

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