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Unlock the “It’s All in the Writing” trophy with these Battle Journal collectible locations in Dying Light.

These text journals document a survivor’s journey through the quarantined city as he struggles to stay alive. There are 17 red booklets scattered around the city, so keep scrolling for the full list of locations.

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Battle Journals Collectible Locations Guide

There are 13 Battle Journals available in the Slums and 4 Battle Journals in the Old Town district.

Slums Battle Journal Locations

  • Journal #0: At the Slums apartment tower, climb up to the area marked with a black paint sign. There’s a small supply room with metal shelves full of items. Look on a high shelf to the left of the desk.
  • Journal #12: Inside the Slums apartment tower, ride the elevator up past the store. Getting off the lift, turn left and head down the hallway. Enter the last apartment door on the right. The journal is found on a chair next to the single bed.
  • Journal #3: Climb up to the roof of the Slums Fish Market safehouse. There’s a guard up here and a cheap chair. The journal is right on the chair.
  • Journal #5: Run across the Slums bridge and use the metal cables to reach the upper parts of the first left bridge pylon. There’s a safe house here. Climb the scaffolding until you reach another huge cable with a zip-line, allowing you to get across the huge gap in the bridge. Slide down the line and enter the tent at the end of the quarantine checkpoint. There’s a stool along the left desks inside with the journal.
  • Journal #1: There’s a small enclosed safe zone directly beneath the highway at about the mid-point of the Slums. There’s a Psycho Challenge and a store here. Inside the shack, right next to the Player’s Stash you’ll find the journal.
  • Journal #2: From the first journal, travel northwest to the next Slums safehouse. North of that safehouse, there’s a four-story blue building with a concrete room on the top. On the roof, near a large wooden crate, you’ll find the second journal.
  • Journal #7: In the slums, look in the northeastern quadrant of the map for a single walled off building right next to the southern tip of a lake. It’s north of the highway, where another road passes over the stream. Enter the walled-off area and look for a yellow car. The journal is in the trunk.
  • Journal #4: Travel to the Slums gas station safehouse that’s directly east of the railroad tracks. Climb down through the roof hatch. The journal is next to the bed.
  • Journal #8: There’s a two-story building with exterior entrances, like a motel, west of the two huge railroad car junction buildings. Go inside the first floor entrance and turn right. Inside the office, search the desktop next to the computer to grab the journal.
  • Journal #9: North of the motel there’s a bus terminal. On the map, it looks like several straight lines in series. Enter the waiting room and look on the wooden benches to spot this journal.
  • Journal #6: In the far northwest corner of the Slums there’s an antennae tower. Beneath the tower you’ll find a small brick structure. The journal is right on the desk inside.
  • Journal #10: Travel to the area marked “Waste Land” on the western side of the Slums, about where the road forks. There’s a wooden shack inside and a reclining chair on the porch. Grab the journal off the chair.
  • Journal #11: Down in the southwest edge of the Slums, you’ll be able to enter the Sewers map at a certain point during your progress through the game. Go through the tunnel and open the Sewers door. This is a complicated map — basically, reach the open-air storm drain where you can see the sky. In the next tunnels, there are some chairs in the left corner of the chamber. The journal is right next to a teddy bear.

Old Town Journal Locations

  • Journal #13: Moving up to Old Town, travel to the water in the northwest corner of the map. There’s a small tunnel on the shore closest to the map’s edge where the journal is hidden.
  • Journal #14: In the center of Old Town, there’s a section of the waterway that looks like a simple rectangle on your map. There are two bridges over the water here. Enter the red rooftop apartment directly north of this section of water. The journal is in the bedroom.
  • Journal #15: Southwest from the previous journal, there are four buildings linked together to form a large square. Enter the workshop built into the upper-left building. The journal is on the wooden workbench.
  • Journal #16: Travel north to the safe zone in the center of Old Town. This area can only be accessed through a roof hatch. Dropping down into the hatch, the journal should be at your feet on the floor.

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