As Kathleen herself says in the video, Fairy Godparent was inspired in a roundabout way via the movie Labyrinth. Those who would ask us where our inspiration comes from: David Bowie’s junk, apparently.

This video was also written for practical reasons. We usually shoot LRR videos on Saturdays, but when we have an event that keeps us out of town (like, for example, The Escapist Expo), we try to shoot an additional sketch on Friday to keep ahead of the curve.

Which works wonders, when we have a script to shoot. Which we did not. Kathleen, struck with her aforementioned “junkspiration”, got up early and wrote the video in a flurry of giggles.

We have some amusing conversations in the course of our productions, and this video’s comedy convo du jour was “What Teenagers Are Like Now”. Do they still put pictures up in their lockers, or is it all digital? Well, according to J-14 boasting “locker posters”, evidently high school heartthrobs are not yet paperless. What about their hair? Can Kathleen’s current pink pixie cut pass for a teen? No, because most teenage girls are too afraid of doing anything too extreme and being ostracized by their awful and judgmental peers. Do they actually say “Oh Em Gee!” out loud, or are we just projecting? Well, it’s funny either way, so let’s just do it.

That just about sums us up really. Is it funny? Then do it.

This week’s LRR trivia:

  • Kathleen bought that toque because it was “on trend” for a teen, but has kept wearing it since. She rocks it.
  • Our fake fairy wings have upgraded since Fiscal Irresponsibility Fairy, and are now the angel wings from Duty Calls.
  • The acid-wash jeans weren’t visible for very long, but they helped James feel the part. Or something.

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