Finding Mark DeLoura?s Happy Place


Sony Computer Entertainment of America’s manager of third-party relations, DeLoura, leaves Forster City, goes north to San Francisco to become Ubisoft’s technical director.

DeLoura made the announcement in his personal blog, and Sony PR would later confirm the announcement, adding “J. Patton will continue to oversee the company’s developer relations team.”

“It seems weird after nearly five years, but today is my last day as manager of developer relations at Sony,” begins DeLoura. He continues to express his mixed feelings, musing on the nature of job transitions.

People tell DeLoura ‘you are not your job,’ but he admits not being good at that distinction. “If I wasn’t my job, I wouldn’t care so passionately about it. And if I didn’t care passionately about my job, why do it?”

“So it will take a few weeks or months or years to get Sony out of my bones,” DeLoura concludes loyally, “In the meantime I will continue to wince each time I see a stupid quote, or bad press, or an analyst bad-mouthing my former employer.”

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