Finish the Life Is Strange Album With These Episode 5 Photo Locations

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The conclusion to Life Is Strange is here, and that means we’ve get ten more optional photos to collect in Episode 5. Learn where to get them all with the run-down right here.

You’d think having the power to rewind time would make a teenager’s life easier. That isn’t the case in Life Is Strange, an episodic series about relationships and adolescence with some of the paranormal thrown in to make things more interesting. Mysteries to solve and friendships to forge — it’s all here, and it’s finally complete. Every episode features a whole bunch of optional photos that are required to unlock every trophy or achievement. See what it takes to finish your album with these locations.

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Episode Five – Optional Photos Guide

There are ten optional photo locations in Episode 5: Polarized. All ten collectibles have a unique achievement / trophy.

Optional Photo #1 – Incandescent

When travelling back in time, walk over to Kate in the classroom and select the ‘Photo’ option.

Optional Photo #2 – Night Vision

Arriving at the Art Gallery, go down the steps ahead and to the right from the start to find a red-headed woman sitting. There’s a camera on her bench. Look down and use it, select ‘Photo’ to get your second picture.

Optional Photo #3 – Framed

In the confrontation with Mr. Jefferson, he’ll offer you one final request. Choose ‘One Last Picture?’ from the four options.

Optional Photo #4 – Camera Obscura

Outside the wrecked Diner you’ll find a dead whale on the street. Look at it and select the ‘Photo’ prompt.

Optional Photo #5 – Blowup

From the exact same area, look to the two-story building to the right of the diner when looking at it from the street. There’s a car on the roof of the structure. Walk underneath it to get the ‘Photo’ option.

Optional Photo #6 – Iris

Waking up in a nightmare, you’ll appear in a classroom. Look for the table in the center with white scratch marks. ‘Look’ at it twice until it reads “Chloe Price 4ever” — that’s when ‘Photo’ will become available.

Optional Photo #7 – Sensor

In the hallway with photos plastered all over the walls, continue until you find a short path with a window on your right. Look out the window to spot giant squirrels. When they’re highlighted, you’ll get a chance to take a ‘Photo’ for posterity.

Optional Photo #8 – On Display

Moving on to the school entrance where everyone is moving in reverse, take a turn to your right. There’s a skeleton display. Press the button to bring up your Journal and she’ll take the picture.

Optional Photo #9 – Light Meter

During the sneaking section, you’ll reach a maze of lockers. Go past the first flashlight guard and turn right at the first opportunity. Wait for another guard to pass before taking another right to reach a dead-end. Warren’s Locker is here. Open it and take a ‘Photo’ because you’re almost done.

Optional Photo #10 – Silhouettes

In the junkyard sneaking area, you’ll need to collect five bottles scattered around the area. From the start, look right for a stack of two blue wire spools to see the first bottle. Moving forward, there’s a messy corner with a bottle in the sitting area.

Past this corner are two cars stacked on top of each other. Look on the hood for another bottle. Beyond the school bus, there’s a red car with three tires stacked on top. The bottle is resting on the trunk. Circling around to the back of the yellow bus, look on the pile of junk you pass from the start, across from the bus’ back door. With all five bottles, go to the memory along the right before reaching your destination and select ‘Photo’ to complete your Life is Strange album.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Selfie Awareness (45 points / Bronze):
    Take all optional photos in Episode 5: Polarized

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