Finish Trials Fusion’s After the Incident DLC With Every Squirrel Location

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With Easter still fresh, go hunting for these secret “squirrel” locations and finally end the collectible search in the final DLC pack for Trials Fusion.

Going into After the Incident, you’ll find ruins instead of sleek futuristic cities. Maybe a silly platforming game doesn’t need an elaborate backstory, but you’ll find the entire history presented straight from the AI’ mouth if you track down these five secret dates.

Instead of little squirrel characters, you’ll need to discover blue canisters dotted around five particular tracks. Running into them causes — well, maybe we should leave that for you to discover. Enjoy your romantic simulation and earn the last collectible achievement in Trials Fusion with this text walkthrough.

Squirrel Locations Guide

Work-In-Progress: There are five secret “Squirrel” collectibles hidden in the After the Incident DLC. Check back later for updates.

Instead of Squirrels, this final DLC pack replaces the tree-dwellers with glowing blue SynDI canisters. These new items count as Squirrels, so just be aware that you’re looking for glowing tubes instead of woodland creatures.

WARNING: To get the achievement/trophy, make sure you watch the entire scene that plays after each collectible location.

Squirrel Location #1:

  • Track: Force Majeure
Trials Fusion Squirrel Location 1
  • Location:

    Between the sixth and seventh checkpoints, the rider will ramp over rubble with another ramp below.

    Drop off the raised ledge after passing the sixth checkpoint and roll backwards into the unseen area to collect your first SynDI date / squirrel collectible.

    During these sequences, SynDI gives backstory to the rider in Japanese dating simulator style. Secrets are finally revealed, and SynDI makes her appearance resemble an Anime squirrel.

Squirrel Location #2:

  • Track: Forgotten Peak
Trials Fusion Squirrel Location 2
  • Location:

    Passing the sixth checkpoint, you should witness a snowy avalanche in the background. This one can be tricky.

    Drop down to the lower level with the seventh checkpoint, then carefully fall through the gap.

    Hook your tire into wooden / concrete platform to swing backward while falling.

    If you can manage it, the rider will swing into a hidden SynDI canister beneath the track.

Squirrel Location #3:

  • Track: Overflow
Trials Fusion Squirrel Location 3
  • Location:

    Past the tenth or so checkpoint, the rider will reach an area with rounded wooden platforms.

    There’s an up-turned ramp right before reaching a horse-shoe shaped wooden piece of track with the next checkpoint.

    Instead of getting to the checkpoint, slowly hook the back wheel of your bike onto the up-turned ramp.

    Bail out into the hole directly beneath the ramp with the ladder.

    If you time it right, the rider will tumble down the ladder section and land on the AI tube.

Squirrel Location #4:

  • Track: Storm Chaser
Trials Fusion Squirrel Location 4
  • Location:

    Unlike the last few, this one is a cinch. Drive to the third checkpoint — the one inside the ruined barn building.

    Look to the left of the checkpoint. The blue canister is plainly visible. All you have to do is roll backwards into it.

    This can be reached starting from the barn checkpoint. Unlike most of the rest, this one is easy to see as you drive over the ledge above. Watch for the glowing blue light.

Squirrel Location #5:

  • Track: Static Discharge
Trials Fusion Squirrel Location 5
  • Location:

    Between the eighth and ninth checkpoint, you’ll need to jump through a wrecked stairwell interior.

    Make note of the stairs leading down from the checkpoint, the last squirrel is available in the area below.

    At the top of the stairs, roll backwards down the steps and land in the open doorway one floor down.

    From here, drive forward and bail out so that the rider hits the ground on the concrete landing above and to your right.

    Crash into the platform on the opposite end of the stairwell to collect the final squirrel in Trials Fusion.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Rhetoric & Romance (50 points / Bronze):
    Find all 5 squirrels on After the Incident.

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