Fire Emblem: Echoes Gets $44 DLC Season Pass


Purchased separately, the DLC adds up to $51.95 – more than the cost of the actual Fire Emblem: Echoes game.

Nintendo has announced its DLC plans for the most recently released Fire Emblem title: the 3DS’s Fire Emblem: Echoes – Shadows of Valentia. Five pieces of DLC are currently planned, and can be pre-purchased in a Season Pass for $44.95, or separately for $51.95. Given that Shadows of Valentia is currently only $39.99 on the Nintendo eShop, purchasing all of the DLC packs is $5 – $11 more expensive than the base game.

The Season Pass will be available for purchase on May 19, though we don’t know when the actual DLC packs will be released. We know that the five packs will be: Fledgling Warriors, Undaunted Heroes, Lost Altars, Rise of the Deliverance, and a mystery pack-to be announced soon. If you check out the video to the right, you can see exactly what each pack will contain

“Some packs let you farm for items, experience, or in-game currency, while others offer more story content or add new characters,” Nintendo said of the DLC. It added that “Some DLC will be free, and some will be paid,” so even players who opt to not purchase the Season Pass can still look forward to some free DLC.

Nintendo has really broken ground with this DLC. Not even DICE’s Battlefront Season Pass, which was criticized for being overly-expensive, cost more than the base game itself.

Source: Nintendo

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