The game will release first on Android devices in February.

During today’s Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced that the franchise will be coming to mobile devices, in the form of Fire Emblem Heroes. The game will come to Google Play first, on February 2, with iOS devices to follow. You can begin registering for the Android version on January 19. The game will be available as a free download with optional in-app purchases.

Fire Emblem Heroes is an original strategy RPG about two warring kingdoms in a bitter clash. As a summoner, players build their army by calling upon popular Fire Emblem heroes from worlds that span the breadth of the series,” Nintendo wrote in a press release following the announcement. “Players will wage tactical battles streamlined for on-the-go play and level up a mix of new combatants and legendary heroes. Some familiar hero characters will become allies, while others will become enemy generals.”

Nintendo also stated that new characters and content will be added in “free and timely updates.”

Ahead of the game’s release, Nintendo is hosting a “Choose Your Heroes” campaign, in which players can cast their votes for their favorite Fire Emblem character, with one vote being allowed per day. The two most popular heroes, one male and one female, will appear in Fire Emblem Heroes when it launches, along with special outfits. You can check out the full details here.

Also announced during the Nintendo Direct was the fact that Fire Emblem Warriors, first announced at Nintendo’s Switch presentation last week, will be making its way to both the Switch and the 3DS this fall, along with Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, a new game inspired by 1992’s Fire Emblem, which is coming to the 3DS in May. A new main Fire Emblem game was also revealed for Switch, with an expected release sometime in 2018.

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