Gamecock Media Group is promising us the world’s first dungeon combat sim in early 2009. Under development at Firefly Studios, Dungeon Hero will feature all the danger, intrigue and routine of an incredibly detailed subterranean community.

Featuring HD visuals, Dungeon Hero will give players the opportunity to eat, sleep, socialize and trade with a fully functional “living” community in between bouts of fierce close quarters combat.

Rick Stults, the main console man at Gamecock says, “Dungeon Hero sets itself apart from every dungeon game that has come before it. We love the realism that the game portrays, the living breathing dungeon aspect is something unique that hasn’t been done anywhere before and that’s the key to the innovation we’re looking to promote.”

It remains to be seen how Dungeon Hero is differentiate itself from Dungeon Keeper.

Firefly studios is perhaps known best for the Stronghold series and Gamecock is a fledgling, artist-driven independent media group based in Austin, Texas.

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