The Beasts of No Nation star brings just the right amount of menace to the iconic role.

Jon Favreau’s live-action adaptation of the Richard Kipling novel-turned-Disney-classic The Jungle Book is attempting an ambitious feat to put it lightly. Thus far, however, the reaction has been largely positive, thanks in no doubt to both the beautiful visuals on display in the early trailers and TV spots for the upcoming film and the incredible cast of voice talent Disney has been able to assemble.

Ben Kingsley, Scarlett Johansson, Lupita Nyong’o, BILL FREAKIN’ MURRAY AND CHRISTOPHER FREAKIN’ WALKEN…The Jungle Book is like a who’s-who of Hollywood elite both young and old, and this morning, Disney offered us a first look at yet another one of its spot-on casting choices: Idris Elba as the evil Bengal tiger, Shere Khan.

“I can’t help but notice there is a strange odor today,” menaces Elba/Khan. “What is it, the scent that I’m on? I almost think it was some kind of…MAN-CUB.”

Originally voiced by George Sanders, Elba’s take on Khan definitely has a certain Scar-like quality to it, which should serve the role well given how similar the characters are on a base level. It’s giving me the willies, in either case, even if those growls that resonante behind “FORBIDDEN!” seem a bit…off.

One would imagine that intros of Bill Murray’s Baloo and ScarJo’s Kaa (among others) will be soon to follow, so we’ll make sure to pass them along when/if they do.

The Jungle Book opens in theatres April 15 in 3D.

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