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Netflix has released its first photos from Marvel’s Jessica Jones, introducing Luke Cage, Kilgrave, and Jones herself.

Netflix’s Daredevil was great, but Jessica Jones is the Marvel series I’m really looking forward to. Based on Marvel’s Alias comic book series, Jessica Jones follows an ex-superhero who becomes a private detective following a personal tragedy. But ever since its announcement, we haven’t seen a glimpse of its actors in character – until today. Netflix has finally rolled out its first images from Jessica Jones, introducing Krysten Ritter’s “Jones”, Mike Colter’s “Luke Cage”, and David Tennant’s “Kilgrave”.

While these images don’t shed details on the plot, they give a great first glimpse at these characters. David Tennant is instantly chilling as Kilgrave, with his scarf being a nice nod to the “Purple Man” persona. It will also be worth watching Colter as Luke Cage, who gets his own Netflix series next year. But most importantly, Ritter nails Jones’ persona from a visual perspective, making her a great fit for a street-level Marvel series. If her performance can match it, Marvel and Netflix will have another hit on their hands.

Jessica Jones complete first season debuts on Netflix this Nov. 20, 2015.

Source: IGN

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