CES 2014

First Look at Nvidia’s G-Sync Hardware

nvidia g-sync exposed 4k display

Nvidia is going full steam ahead with G-Sync at CES 2014. Along with a host of retail monitors from the likes of AOC, ViewSonic, BenQ, Asus, and Philips, Nvidia is also showing off some homebrew demos.

The Asus PQ321Q is one of the few 4K PC displays available in the US right now, and Nvidia decided to mate its G-Sync board to the $3,000 panel. It took some… MacGuyvering, but the end result looked pretty stunning on-screen.

It’s tough to show how smooth G-Sync is in a picture, but take it from someone who’s been scowling at V-Sync (and/or lackthereof) for years now. G-sync, even when dealing with a 4K resolution display, looks fantastic. Playing Anno 2070 and Batman: Arkham Origins on a 4K display with no tearing (no V-Sync) or stuttering (with V-Sync) is phenomenal. The experience is just as good on a 1080p display as well, especially on a tear-prone game like StarCraft 2.

Nvidia wants to get the word out that G-Sync works with SLI systems as well – the demo machine mated to the 4K display was running two GeForce GTX Titans.

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