CD Projekt Red has given us our first glimpse at Blood and Wine via these two screenshots.

The Witcher 3 may have already won Game of The Year but it isn’t quite finished yet! The game’s season pass promised us two expansion packs: Hearts of Stone, which we already have, and Blood and Wine, scheduled to launch some time next year. We don’t really know much about Blood and Wine at this point, but now the developer has offered us a small glimpse at it via these two absolutely gorgeous screenshots:

The file names of the screenshots give us a little bit of info on what we are looking at. The first one states that “Toussaint is famous for its wine and vineyards,” explaining where the “Wine” of Blood and Wine comes from, while the second one simply states it is “the palace of Beauclair En.”

When the game’s season pass was first announced, we were told that Blood and Wine will feature an entirely new region, Toussaint, teased as a peaceful land harboring a dark secret. It will also be roughly twice as long as Hearts of Stone, and CD Projekt Red estimates players will spend around 20 hours on it.

My only real complaints with Hearts of Stone was that it was rather short, and didn’t really add too many new areas. It looks like Blood and Wine will fully address both of those criticisms.

Source: CD Projekt Red

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