First Tron: Uprising Episode Rises Up Online


A young program rises up against the oppressive rule of Clu.

Disney’s Tron: Uprising is a 10-episode prequel to 2010’s Daft-Punk-powered hit Tron: Legacy. That technically makes it a prequel to a sequel, which I think they’re calling an interquel these days. It takes place after Kevin Flynn’s alter ego Clu turns on his creator, kills the great warrior Tron, and takes over the entirety of the “grid,” the computer world in which they all live.

The first episode was released online earlier this week, and you can catch it here to the right. If you don’t want any spoilers at all, I recommend you stop reading this article right about … now.

Still with me? Good. Uprising follows a young mechanic named Beck, who rebels against Clu’s lieutenant General Tesler after his hometown of Argon City is conquered and his friend “de-rezzed.” (The grid term for death, natch.) Beck takes up the mantle of the legendary Tron to try and inspire the populace to open revolt, winds up over his head, but is then taken under the wing of the real, actually-not-dead Tron to train as his successor.

This first episode is pretty formulaic and you’ll probably be able to see almost everything coming, but this still shows promise despite the paint-by-numbers. The visuals are very Tron-esque with a terrific art style, the action sequences are solidly choreographed and animated, and the music sounds like it was lifted directly from Legacy. Given how great the Legacy soundtrack was, that isn’t a point against it.

It will be interesting to see how this all turns out, particularly since it takes place before the events of Legacy. Beck’s revolution could hence be doomed to failure, which would be surprising for something produced by Disney.

Tron: Uprising will begin airing on the Disney XD channel on Thursday, June 7th.

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