The first video footage of the upcoming Prince of Persia movie has been released, and oh my God, Jake Gyllenhaal!

That probably came out wrong. Anyway, Entertainment Tonight (via HollywoodChicago) has some behind-the-scenes footage of the movie as it was being shot in London and Morocco as well as some comments from Gyllenhaal, the Prince himself, who seemed somewhat less than inclined to take any of it seriously. Gyllenhaal expressed pleasure at all the apparent interest in his buffed-out physique, saying, “That’s fantastic… For all of the people who are probably massively interested out there, I’ve probably put on five pounds of muscle. Muscle implants.” He added that he was “absolutely not” going to keep his body in this condition once the movie was completed.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer played things straighter, however, explaining the need to travel to the North African desert for eight weeks of shooting. “The scope, the landscapes, the colors… I haven’t seen photography like this since Lawrence of Arabia,” he said.

Entertainment Tonight’s preview footage of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, due out in May 2010, can be seen here.

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