World of Warcraft: Legion launched today, and someone has already made it to the max level of 110.

If you were planning on being the first person to hit level 110 in World of Warcraft‘s Legion expansion, you’ve missed your chance. Eurogamer reports that Twitch streamer Fragnance took his Demon Hunter Sicklikeme from 100 to 110 in just five hours and 28 minutes, and he did it live on his channel.

Along with his leveling partner Gingi, Fragnance spent his time in the Legion beta preparing for the speed run. Perusing his past videos shows just how much time went into preparation, as the pair spent many hours planning their routes and learning the quests.

Fragnance isn’t stopping there. If you head over to his Twitch channel, you’ll see that he’s working his way toward another level 110 character right now. He’s a member of one of the top raiding guilds in the world (Serenity on EU-Twisting Nether), so it’s not really surprising to see him progressing at a rapid pace.

Who needs sleep, anyway?

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