Swing Copters is the latest game from Flappy Bird creator.

Six months after pulling his first game Flappy Bird from circulation for being too addictive, game developer Dong Nguyen is set to release Swing Copters on August 21st.

Swing Copters will be a free game that plays very similar to Flappy Bird, only this time you avoid obstacles vertically instead of horizontally. A single app purchase of $0.99 will remove all the ads if desired. The graphics do still have a Mario flare to them, at least the platforms do. In any case, TouchArcade reports the game is just as hard as Flappy Bird, and just as addicting.

Flappy Bird inspired a craze when it reached popularity early this year, though it originally released in 2013. After being pulled down in February, the game has been revised and re-released as Flappy Bird Family exclusively on the Amazon App Store. Plush toys were created for the game, many clones cropped up (that Apple and Google immediately removed), and trademarks were filed. Let’s see if Swing Copters achieves the same level of success.

Source: Polygon

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