Bugbear Entertainment is working on an all-new and spectacularly destructive racing-and-wrecking game.

Racing is fun. Smashing into things is fun. It doesn’t take a rocket appliances salesman to figure out that putting the two together might result in even more fun, which is exactly what Bugbear has spent the past decade or so doing, first with the Flatout series and most recently with the clumsily-named Ridge Racer Unbounded. And now the studio is “going back to its roots,” which seems to be all the rage these days, with a new car game called, for the moment at least, Next Car Game.

It’s pretty obviously just a working title, although the website for the game in question is actually “nextcargame.com,” and one can never discount the possibility of a Snakes on a Plane-style twist. Bugbear describes the game as “full-contact motor sports” and says it’s making the game for two reasons: Because fans continue to demand it, and because advances in technology will allow it to “fully realize” what it imagined back in the original Flatout days.

“We can put tons more metal and dirt in the air now, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do,” the studio said. “We want to make you feel the carnage.”

The game is being developed for the PC, with other platforms to be announced in the future, and while there’s not much else going on right now, Bugbear is giving away ten Steam bundles to people who sign up for the Next Car Game mailing list. The dust, smoke and debris flying around in the short teaser is very impressive, although the absence of destructible frames – which is admittedly asking for a lot – is a letdown. Still, if you’re the sort of person who thinks that “driving defensively” is for sissies, this is probably a game worth keeping an eye on.

Source: Next Car Game

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