The free game makes clever use of the official case.

Apple introduced the iPhone 5c last month in a flourish of colors, complete with matching cases. The holes on the back show off the color of the phone, creating a stylized contrast. Some love them, others hate them, while still others have put them to creative use. While some have used them for self-expression, two Australians have decided that it would be perfect for a game.

Created by Dave McKinney and Stuart Hall, Flipcase uses those divisive perforations as a gameboard for a simple four-in-a-row app. Its multiplayer applications are pretty obvious, but it also has a single player mode for those times you’re alone AND really want to play Connect Four using your iPhone case.

It’s a clever idea to be sure, but it can be tricky to get the case on backwards without triggering the power button. Once you get that down, it’s a pretty straight-forward game that makes good use of its environment. Here’s hoping that their next game involves a LifeProof case and an aquarium.

Source: iTunes via Twitter

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