Florida Bar Request Psych Eval For Jack Thompson


The Florida Bar has suggested that attorney Jack Thompson undergo psychological testing and be given a 91-day suspension of his law license, according to an email sent by Thompson to the GamePolitics blog.

Thompson, a noted anti-videogame crusader and increasingly fringe lunatic, currently has two federal lawsuits against the Florida Bar pending, based primarily on the Bar’s handling of complaints against him; the Florida Bar has filed a motion to dismiss his claims, and began disbarment proceedings against him in February.

This would mark the second time Thompson has been asked to undergo psychological testing by the Bar. In 1990, the Florida Supreme Court ordered he be tested as a result of his actions following an election loss to Janet Reno, when he claimed that Florida social services group Switchboard of Miami, of which Reno was a board member, was placing “homosexual education tapes” in public schools. He passed the test and later sued the Florida Bar, settling for $20,000.

Thompson’s claim has not yet been verified by the Florida Bar, which has thus far refused to comment.

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