Video card manufacturer Nvidia has been named 2007 Company of the Year by Forbes Magazine, to be announced its January 7 issue.

According to a report in Shacknews, the accolade comes mainly as the result of the company’s phenomenal growth, particularly over the last year, which saw revenues increase by 33 percent over the previous year to $4 billion, while profits made a year over year leap of 50 percent, to $900 million. Since the company’s IPO in 1999, its share price has grown by 2100 percent, and is now the leading supplier of desktop graphic cards, holding almost 38 percent of the market share.

The magazine credits Nvidia’s dominant position in the industry to its founder, Jen-Hsun Huang, who launched the company in 1993. While the report states that Huang plans no major changes to the formula that brought his company to this level of success, it has recently begun branching out beyond its established core. Nvidia supplies graphics hardware for Sony’s PlayStation 3 console and is also looking to increase graphics sophistication in non-traditional areas. “What if Google Earth had a 3D representation of every single building, every single square meter on Earth, and you could access it in the blink of an eye?” Huang said. “The more content there is, the more visual interest there can be, the more processing horsepower people need.”

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