Phil Harrison and London Venture Partners are banking on the popularity of free-to-play browser RPG Gunshine.

Former Sony and Atari executive Phil Harrison made headlines when he joined an investment group called London Venture Partners with other former game company executives such as ex-Atari CEO David Gardner and ex-Criterion CEO David Lau-Kee. London Venture Partners recently revealed its first investment, a free-to-play browser-based RPG called Gunshine.

The type of investment isn’t surprising considering earlier comments made by Harrison where he said that the future of gaming is in web browsers, not consoles. Gunshine is apparently the first step toward that future for London Venture Partners.

The game looks like the first two Fallout titles combined with the wonders of social networking. It’s independent of portals like Facebook, but players can invite their Facebook or Twitter friends easily, and they’ll want to because the game supports up to four-player co-op.

Players begin by creating a tank, damage dealer, or healer, and then go on to equip “mindboggling” amounts of equipment and learn new skills. Through this sort of customization, Gunshine developer Supercell says that every character in the game will be unique. It also says that there is an “endless amount of quests,” providing “years” of gameplay. Players can choose to support 10 different warring factions in Gunshine‘s city.

The basics of Gunshine make it sound like an interesting social game, and the trailer looks pretty fun as players take down foes with anything from Gatling guns to samurai swords. It’s still in an early stage, but was launched for the purpose of acquiring feedback.

With the high profile backing of London Venture Partners, said to have put a “significant” investment into Gunshine, it may become even Gunshinier as it moves through beta. If you’d like to check it out, the official website is here.

Source: Gamasutra

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