Fortune Highlights EA, Microsoft as Employers for New Graduates


Electronic Arts and Microsoft place in Fortune’s list of top employers for new graduates.

Business magazine Fortune released its rankings for the top 20 employers for new college graduates and has listed both game publisher Electronic Arts and Xbox 360 manufacturer Microsoft on its charts.

Electronic Arts is touted as the “golden trophy of jobs” for gamers. Company perks include 5-10 free games a year, a coupon for $100 off any console, an average starting salary of $60,000, stock grants, use of the on-site gym, the free company DVD library and a stock purchase plan that offers shares at a 15 percent discount. Competition to get hired is tight, with only 200 of last year’s 5,000 applicants receiving jobs.

Microsoft is noted as hiring and developing creative talent, paying a generous $75,000 starting salary and a comprehensive insurance and stock package.

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