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Huh, hard one...

I really don''t like feeling hated, it eats away at me slowly. But I don't like feeling sad either because it's not like me.
Probably sadness, I can't deal with it very well.

What do you do when you're angry?

Sit on my chair and just let it go. If I want the proccess to go away a lot quicker, I just watch some random youtube poops until I start pissing myself from laughter.(also this is the second time in like 5 minutes that you have ninjaed me.)

Where were YOU last night?!

I was at home, giving the chinchillas some attention and then playing Fire Emblem/watching a TFTD let's play. And drinking whisky. Rock on.

Did you snigger like an immature person when EeveeElectro said "hard one" up there?[1]

[1] I sure as hell did!

I laughed when you pointed it out. Hyuk hyuk.

What is your dream job?

Working in the game industry I suppose. I sort of want to be the guy that leads the team that makes the world in the game.

What food do you hate the most?

Seafood. I've never been able to stomach the stuff. blech!!!

What movie do you love that most people seem to hate and/or despise?

Err, I can't actually think of anything. Ugh I'm so mainstream it hurts. My lady doesn't like District 9, which I love, so that's about the closest I can get I guess?

Would you rather be a famous actor or singer?

I'm not sure about how public singing can be. With acting in movies and such, I can remain much more private. I'm always a character, never myself. But that's not true for all actors, I suppose.

The next poster has been to a concert.

Affirmative!!! Way back then time I drove a girl I had the semi-hots for to a concert. The only band that I remember playing at the concert was the opening band named "Jackyl".

Trust me...their performance at the concert was...well...let's just say that I grok why they never made it big time.

Question: Which Disney movie ever drove you to tears?

It has been a dreadfully long time since I saw any of them that I just don't remember how I feel about them. Though I will tell you that I did not cry when I saw Bambi for the first time, I don't think I even liked the movie at that age. It was kinda weird, you would think that I as a child would go nuts for cartoon movies but Disney movies never really worked for me. Of course it is all different now that I'm older.

Do you like the idea of cristmas?

I try not to think about it too much. I suppose you could say I don't when it comes down to it.

CGI or traditional animation?

Blarg, if I had to choose - traditional animation. Only because more of it exists.

Toy Story 3 or Up?

Up, goddamn...

If 3 guys on a boat are smoking cigarettes but there is 1 cigarette left, what do they do?

Quit. Or fight to the death.

Would you put your name forward to be part of a one-way trip to colonise a new planet?

If I could bring my crew of Pokémon friends with me, then sure.

What are you planning to eat in lunch or dinner today?

Pasta, always the pasta!

How much money do you need to buy Nintendo.

$14.39 billion.

When was the last time you experimented with a new food or recipe; did you like it?

This morning for breakfast! I had scrambled eggs with cheese in them, steak fingers with Tostitos' mild sauce on them, vegetables in cheese sauce, garlic bread, bacon, and tater tots which I dipped into a ketchup/mayonnaise puddle. MMMmmm...

Did the description of my breakfast just give you heartburn?

No, not really. Kind of jealous cause I never eat anything near that amount of food in the morning. Not even ten percent.

What is best in life?


Have you ever made a reference to something of which you haven't seen the source material like I just did?

Copper Zen:
This morning for breakfast! I had scrambled eggs with cheese in them, steak fingers with Tostitos' mild sauce on them, vegetables in cheese sauce, garlic bread, bacon, and tater tots which I dipped into a ketchup/mayonnaise puddle. MMMmmm...

Did the description of my breakfast just give you heartburn?

Wow. What a breakfast. Far from heartburn, I'm jealous. Did you go to all that effort just for yourself or was someone else partaking in that wonderful spread as well?

OT: Almost definitely; the internet does that to people. Can't remember specifics though.

When was the last time you tried a game outside your usual/preferred genre(s)?

Umm......I don't actually remember. I like a lot of games. Though the last time I think played something was probably a car game....Might have been Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed.


Um....let's just say that I can honestly state that I am NOT a chicken fucker. *whistles nervously*

Are you looking for a better job than the one you have now?




For the record I was just finishing off leftovers from the previous night with the extra breakfast foods I'd already cooked for my Mom. I don't normally eat that much but I (just this once) indulged myself since I'd biked a full hour the night before.

I just got a stationary bike and I'm lovin' it! It was an early X-Mas present which I received this week because I, um, am trying to 35 lbs this year just like I did last year.

When I do I'll have a washboard stomach--let's hear it for actually maintaining a New Year's resolution!!! WOOHOOOO!!! ^_^

Eh, no.. too much can't be arsed. This one pays well enough and flits between being interesting and engaging enough and giving me enough time to spam the Escapist.

Are you up to much this weekend?

I'm redefining my focuses. What does that mean? It means that I am not only working on ONE novel for NaNoWiMo but TWO novels!!!

Do you know what NaNoWiMo is?

Just checked it out for like half a second, it's a writer thing I'm guessing? Or maybe even a contest? Or maybe even both?!

Have you ever spend three hours on a editing a single image?

Nope! I do bugger all image editing though.

Are you backing any Kickstarter projects just now?

No, I am not a fool with my wallet.

Have you been eating out much?

I ate some really good food today at the hotel. I'm so happy to be alive!(simplest things in life are the best sometimes)

What are you planning to do today?

Finish work, then go home and see my lady, play with the chins and play Xenonauts. Hopefully no packing tonight.

Do you have big plans for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/[insert holiday/seasonal celebration here]?

I'll probably work right up to X-mas and then collapse into an exhausted coma from not having a day of for weeks. :(

Did you ever have a paying job that you truly enjoyed?

I've enjoyed most of most of my jobs, but never fully enjoyed any. There's always something that gets on my wick! Can't myself lucky these days - it could be a lot worse.

Have you or your family ever seen a spook, spectre or ghost?

No, sadly enough. I think that would be totally cool, though. O_O

Do you ever wish some horrific (but also cool) major disaster would occur (as long as you weren't harmed by it, naturally)? Like a mega-tsunami or something like that?

No, I don't have destructive fantasies like that.

Have you ever thrown a controller at the screen?


Are you fond of YouTube Poop?

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